Dracinc | Donn Thompson Photographer

Local Union 40 Iron Worker Harlem Photographer
Eiffel Tower, a wrought iron structure, Paris France
Weights for a bay crane
Iron Worker Harlem Photographer #12
Iron Worker Harlem Photographer #13
Iron Worker Harlem Photographer #14
A stone throw Away guess house, Nassau Bahamas #2
Bay Crane Sign
A stone throw Away guess house, Nassau Bahamas
Gramercy Park Hotel, Harlem Photographer

Harlem Architecture Photographer

Dracinc / Donn Thompson is my company and name. I am a Photographer! A Harlem Photographer based in New York City as a Commercial Advertising Photographer.

I photograph images, and through my pictures, I tell stories that evoke emotion and seize your consciousness of beauty in our society. Which connects to status, cultural expression, and rebellion. As a result, photography shoots can be a source of inspiration, aspiration, and belonging, creating a diverse and broad canvas for expression, especially for commercial photographers.

Working as a Harlem Photographer in a studio setting or on location. I love creating, photographing, and recording compelling images for the world to see while staying within a project's budget and meeting tight deadlines. I have acquired the knowledge, resources, and understanding for most, if not all, photo gear to make the most crucial layouts come to life.

I plan to take you on a captivating journey to capture the various locations, building sites, landscapes, and cityscapes while designing a unique, creative, and cutting-edge photo campaign.

Harlem Architectural Photography

Architecture Photography uses space to create structures of all sizes and locations, which tells the final story that resonates with the intended audience. 

My experiences inspired me to click the shutter on my camera at the right moment, which helped convey the story I wanted to tell. Structures with many floors that are six stories or more or high rise in the sky need to show the making of such a place. So allow me to record or collect the images to tell that story. I am Donn Thompson, a Harlem photographer in New York City. I will travel wherever I want to photograph as a Commercial Photographer.

Landscape photography

The object of Landscape photography is not to take a picture but to show the raw beauty of a place or thing for the world to see. That expresses a feeling, an attitude, or a sentiment that speaks to the heart of interests and desires in what represents the many interpretations of attractiveness. As a New York City Architectural Photographer, I understand how to conquer a subject's essence to deliver the appropriate message through images.